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Sandrene Lewis Productions is an independent production company that is located in Augusta Ga, and was established in 2009 by playwright, director, and producer Sandrene Lewis. The purpose of the creation of Sandrene Lewis productions was to bring entertainment to the audience while educating them on real-life issues that people go through every day, but are often uncomfortable or too afraid to talk about. We strive to not only talk about these difficult issues, but to bring them to life in a way that will make the audience look at these topics and situations from a different prospective than perhaps they ever have before.

In 2006, I worked as a bartender at a local bar in Augusta. I happened to be singing a song that was playing on the juke box. A young lady came up to the bar and started a conversation with me. She stated that she liked my voice and that she was doing a play. She insisted that I audition for a part in her play; I auditioned and got the leading role. The play was a great success. Plans were set for the crew to tour for the play, but due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control it did not happen. The play did not continue on and I was again in another setback and depression was finally setting in. After the cancellation of the play, I laid awake in my bed staring at the ceiling, I was thinking to myself, “why not write my own play.” My conscience spoke loud and clear, “girl with your outstanding wit and quick thinking, you are ready to explode on a stage and on anybody’s stage.” My enthusiasm began to soar, my heart was racing fast, I had to breathe deeply to calm myself down and I finally fell asleep. Morning came quick, when I arose, the first thing on my mind was to write a play. I began to write down a selection of titles, chose one and then just started writing. It took me four months to write a completed play to which I had also directed. At this point, I proofread the play for any imperfections. Upon reading what I wrote, I realized three things: I had not only written the play, but I also directed it; I had ideas for four other plays in which one would be a book; finally, I really enjoy what I was doing. Now it was time for me to test the waters, I approached someone I felt would be supportive in what I wanted to accomplish and someone who I thought believed in me. I told this person I had written a stage play and I wanted to give it to them to see what they thought. My only request was they would let me direct it. The answer was a flat out NO. I was shocked and appalled with their response. For some reason, the thought to do the play myself was never in my head- I just wanted to write. The more that time had passed by, the more I finally began to realize, “you can put the production together yourself!” That’s when I started Sandrene Lewis Production, LLC.

Since starting my production company, I’ve washed cars, held raffles, and sold dinners. I have done my very best to do whatever it takes to make this dream come true because I not only believe in the dream, but I also believe in the people involved in this dream. We rely heavily on the community and beautiful people of Augusta, Georgia, and surrounding areas, to make our plays a success. It's very exciting for me to provide opportunities to local talents in a way that showcases their abilities and giftings while allowing them to gain experience and sharpen their skills in preparation for their next big opportunity. If you are interested in becoming a part of Sandrene Lewis Productions or interested in a sponsorship opportunity, feel free to submit your information here.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about me and my company. I look forward to seeing YOU at the stage!


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