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"Can This Be Real" is the latest stage play from one of Georgia's most talented writers, directors, and producers, Sandrene Lewis. Check out the character synopsis below to find out all the exciting details about the characters of the play, their friendship, and how the plot unfolds.

Character Synopsis

About The Friends: Larissa, Marla, Ebony and Callie have been friends for a long time, but they are not typical friends. Larissa’s friends are not in the business of telling her what to do in her personal relationship, they are only there for support. Marla, Ebony and Callie are not there to slice and dice Larissa, they want to help open her eyes as to what is going on around her and also to help her realize she needs to love and put herself first.

Larissa Roberts: Mild, meek, and dumb Larissa Roberts is so in love with her boyfriend of 2 years that she can’t see past his lies, deception and controlling ways. She is blind to the fact that he doesn’t love her the way that she loves him. Although Larissa’s friends can see right through Paul, they support her decision to stay with him through thick and thin.

Paul Norris: Paul is a self-centered, arrogant, and controlling man, who works as a janitor. Paul has anger issues that are spiraling out of control, and nothing makes him happier than to focus on himself. Everything is always about Paul, and if it’s not his way it’s the wrong way. Paul sees fault in everyone but himself, and he wants to control every aspect of Larissa’s life. He belittles everything he can’t control, and what he can’t control are Larissa’s friends. Paul’s manipulating ways soon have his relationship on shaky ground.

Ebony Dupree: is the President of a very successful but anonymous company. Ebony takes pride in what she does on and off the job. Ebony hates the fact that Larissa has a boyfriend that can’t see she is truly in love with him. Ebony’s ultimate goal is to see Larissa happy and successful in every aspect of her life. To ensure that this happens, Ebony has taken her working skills out of the office. We won’t say she is being a busy body, but what we will say is she has done a lot of research and has decided to introduce her brother Darius Dupree to Larissa. She thinks this is the perfect match.

Marla Riley: is a Registered Nurse who is very professional and caring when it comes down to her job and patient care, but off the job she is nosey and ghetto fabulous. Marla is one of Larissa’s best friends and she is going to tell it like it is. Just like Ebony and Callie, Marla has Larissa’s best interest at heart and will beat a man down to protect her friend. Marla is very suspicious of Paul and she feels that in Paul’s line of work that he not only uses a snake, but he is one. Marla can’t stand Paul and she has no problem letting everyone know it.

Darius Dupree: is a professional NBA coach and brother to Ebony Dupree. Darius and Ebony are very close and look out for each other. He is very confident in himself, he does not have an arrogant or self-centered attitude, but he does speak his mind when he has to.Darius is a well-liked guy that feels women should be treated like queens and will jump into protection mode when it comes down to woman being abused. Ebony will be shocked to find out that Paul and Darius went to the same high school. What a reunion this will be.

Callie Michaels: is a school teacher she is laid back and down to earth, but she also has Larissa’s best interest at heart. Callie is the friend that tries to maintain the balance and keep the peace. Callie also does not trust Paul, she feels that he is going overboard with the way that he treats Larissa. Callie has to restrain herself from being upset with Larissa for allowing Paul to control her like he does, but through it all she knows that the she still has to let Larissa handle her own relationship.

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